Be Pure Statement Corner Sofa Left Velvet Honey Żółty 37865214


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Be Pure Statement Corner Sofa Left Velvet Honey Żółty 37865214

The name of this couch says it all, right? A couch like this is a clear element in the home. A couch determines the atmosphere of the interior and this couch provides a good basis for multiple living styles. The design of Statement is basic, but it does stand out because of its size. This corner sofa Statement has enough sitting space, is comfortable and is available in a right and left version. If you stand in front of the bench and the corner is on the left, it concerns the left-hand version. This couch Statement fits perfectly into the BePureHome collection, is pure and sturdy and consists of several variants, fabrics and colours. This variant is equipped with honey żółty velvet. The seat depth is 63 cm, the seat width 218 cm, the seat height 45 cm and the depth of the lounge area is 177 cm. The height of the armrest is 65 cm and the width of the armrest is 24 cm. The leg height is 15.5 cm and the height of the frame 18.5 cm. The Velvet fabric with velvet aspect is soft, has a full heavy quality and is suitable for intensive use. The fabric has not been tested for additional treatments and we therefore advise against impregnating the sofa. If this is deemed necessary, it is at your own risk and we recommend that you test it out on a spot – out of sight. This bench is delivered in separate elements. The elements are easy to connect to each other by means of brackets.Not available for the UK. This article is not Fire Retardant.Orders for this product cannot be cancelled.Kolor: miodowy żółtyMateriał: aksamit, velvetWymiary: 77x274x210Wysokość podłokietników: 65 cmWysokość siedzenia: 45 cmGłębokość siedzenia: 63 cmWysokość nóg: 15,5 cmEAN: 8714713087815Dostępne od: 14-06-2019Szerokość siedzenia: 218 cmDługość: 210 cmSzerokość: 274 cmWysokość: 77 cm

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